Torment: B.A.D Inc #1 - Tracy Lorraine and Angel Devlin

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Official Blurb:

Sexy as sin
Deacon King is the devil and I’m unknowingly about to be his latest dance partner.
I’m captivated the second he arrives to do my interview. He’s the dangerous kind of sexy that women should run from. Little do I know, the simple promotional spread for the new reality show I’m starring in is about to become the beginning of a living nightmare.
We are connected in a way I never could have imagined and he’s set on making me pay for a life I had no control over.
Everyone thinks I’m a Park Lane Princess, but there’s much more to me than meets the eye, and I will not cower down to Mr. King no matter how hard he tries to break me.

My Thoughts:

I’m not sure what is going on with Tracy Lorraine at the moment, but her leading men just aren’t doing it for me. They all have floppy hair that they have to keep sweeping out of their eyes. Even the cover photos aren’t the usual hunkiness that I’d become accustomed to with her books. I think these photos matter, as well, it is the first impression we are given of the man we are supposed to fall in love with for a few hidden moments (inside our e-reader). He sets the tone for the book, and something has changed with the style of man that we are being given.
It took me quite a way through the book to get used to Deacon and Mia. I know he was supposed to be a bad guy and we aren’t supposed to ‘like’ him. Well, he certainly isn’t very likeable. I think the authors depicted him very well, and until the end, they managed to keep the persona going which made for a good read.
Mia was a little too weak-willed for my liking. I think someone sassier and stronger was needed to rival Deacon, and she just had something missing. She gave in way too quickly and easily, and even though he warned her what he could do to her friend, she didn’t take heed that it could happen to her as well. She frustrated me.
I really liked visiting Blackpool with the couple, though, as this is where my husband and I went on our first date. We too stayed in a somewhat questionable B&B, and the landlady in the book could have been the one we encountered! So this was a pleasant trip down memory lane.
The book certainly picks up pace as it gets going and really hits its stride when Deacon puts his pans into action. I was very impressed that the authors didn’t back out of this and like I said it was fantastic that the bad boy kept up his temperament all the way through to almost the end. He does become a little bit of a soft bear at the very end, which was disappointing, and I kept hoping the whole way through that this wouldn’t happen. That we would get a fitting end to what had been an interesting and different personality. Unfortunately, this wasn’t to be.
Overall, it was a good read. I don’t think this book in any way compares to the last series the two authors collaborated on. I think with those they excelled, and with this, they were trying something different that sort of worked but was just slightly lacking. It will be interesting to see if they hit their stride with the follow-on books, and I am intrigued by Tyler’s story, which was slightly interwoven into this one. I just really hope he has better hair!

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Torment: B.A.D Inc #1
by Tracy Lorraine and Angel Devlin
Date Started
14th March 2020
Date Finished
17th March 2020
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