Deadly Secrets - Robert Bryndza

Reading Challenge Category: Final book in the series

Official Blurb:

To commit the perfect murder, you need the perfect cover.
On an icy morning, a mother wakes to find her daughter’s blood-soaked body frozen to the road. Who would carry out such a killing on the victim’s doorstep?
Straight off her last harrowing case, Detective Erika Foster is feeling fragile but determined to lead the investigation. As she sets to work, she finds reports of assaults in the same quiet South London suburb where the woman was killed. One chilling detail links them to the murder victim – they were all attacked by a figure in black wearing a gas mask.
Erika is on the hunt for a killer with a terrifying calling card. The case gets more complicated when she uncovers a tangled web of secrets surrounding the death of the beautiful young woman.
Yet just as Erika begins to piece the clues together, she is forced to confront painful memories of her past. Erika must dig deep, stay focused and find the killer. Only this time, one of her own is in terrible danger…

My Thoughts:

Nooooo I’ve finished all the Erika Foster books, and there aren’t any more. I could have kept living in this world for some time yet, but I now feel as if I have to return to reality with a bump. Or slightly less dramatically, just return to reading other books!
I have so enjoyed being embroiled in the world of Erika Foster and all the other detectives on her team. I was unsure at first of the level that her life was portrayed but as the books progressed I wanted more and more for her to get a happy ever after and to be settled before we left her. Bryndza alluded at the end of the book that there may be more to come for her, which is excellent as I didn’t feel like we have wrapped up her story just yet. Although, I’m sceptical as to when this may be as he’s moved onto a different detective now and there doesn’t seem to be any Erika Foster books in the pipeline. I’ll just have to keep hoping.
We certainly had the story splinter into many fractions in this book and even saw Moss play a more pivotal role. We have only really touched on hers and Peterson’s lives in the periphery, but they are both getting more staring roles as the books developed.
The investigation in this book did seem a little secondary to the story. Towards the end, I was beginning to think it was going to be rushed to conclude just to get it over and done with; however, I wasn’t disappointed, and it was tied up satisfactorily.
Bryndza certainly is a very talented writer and knows how to grip the reader with his stories. This book had more intrigue than the others as we aren’t aware of who the killer is throughout as we have been in the past books. This really kept the suspense alive as it could have been anyone. It gave the book a very different feel to the others in the series, but this didn’t make it any less enjoyable. In fact, I think I read this a little quicker because of this, and I had wanted to read it slower to savour the last book.
I’m gutted to have read them all but looking forward to any books that Bryndza brings out in the future as you know they are always going to be of high calibre!

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Deadly Secrets
by Robert Bryndza
Date Started
12th March 2020
Date Finished
14th March 2020
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