They Are Liars - Sarah A. Denzil

Reading Challenge Category: Just wanted to read

Official Blurb:

A team of office administrators are stuck at work during a flood. By the end of the day, one of them will be dead...
Sue is waiting to retire. She can't stand her bad-mannered co-workers who take her for granted. Krish has an explosive secret that would change everything if his colleagues found out.
Penny is the girl no one seems to notice. Today she learns what the others truly think of her.
Helen hasn't told anyone about her weekly therapy sessions delving into her repressed memories. But something is floating up to the surface, threatening her usual composure.
Martin, the congenial boss, has a dark past. Stuck in the office with his employees, a more callous side begins to emerge.
One is a murderer. One is dead. They are all liars.

My Thoughts:

This was brilliant!
I didn’t read the blurb before diving in; I needed a quick read to finish the month off, so I picked this up and started reading. I had no idea of the genre or anything!
It starts off giving us an insight into the five main characters. They each get a chapter to themselves to start with, and there is a precise timeline being followed in the chapter headings. The author had captured the ins and outs of office working brilliantly. One person thinking one thing while another thinks something else about the same thing. It was all very interwoven and suitably petty. There is, of course, the obligatory moaning about the state of the microwave!
I didn’t have a clue where the story was going or whether we were just being given an insight into office workers or what! However, before long, there are so many twists and turns I was holding my breath.
So much is fitted into such a short book, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a very unique concept and not like anything I’ve read recently, very well done!

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They Are Liars
by Sarah A. Denzil
Date Started
30th November 2020
Date Finished
30th November 2020
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