Faze - Tracy Lorraine

Reading Challenge Category: Just wanted to read

Official Blurb:

I shouldn’t be fazed by him…
He turned up like a ghost in the night, determined to make me scream.
But he's no ghost, he's as real as the feelings I try not to have.
My illusive stepbrother, has everyone fooled. Except me.
One look into his dark eyes and I know.
He's pure evil. Haunting my house... and my darkest dreams.
Pursuing me to prove a point and determined to make his stay as excruciating as possible.
I already know I’m going to get burned but I can’t help myself, like a moth I'm drawn to his black flame.
One thing's for sure, after this Halloween, I’m never going to be the same again.

My Thoughts:

I’d been dying to know what had happened to Ruby to make her go off the rails in ‘Hunter’ and now I know. It wasn’t as shocking as I’d expected, but it wasn’t pleasant either.
Ruby meets her stepbrother for the first time, and it’s not all happy families as some deep routed issues are going on. It did remind me a lot of the Ethan Savage storyline that we had a few books ago in the series. So, it didn’t feel very unique.
I’m hoping the full-length book coming at the beginning of January gives us a more significant insight into each character. This was just a novella, and it whets our appetite for Ruby and Ashton’s, what I hope will be, a happy ever after.
Overall, an insightful quick read into a character we have seen on the periphery of the group but until now did really know much about.

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by Tracy Lorraine
Date Started
30th November 2020
Date Finished
30th November 2020
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