The Wedding Planner - Eve Devon

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Official Blurb:

Wedding bells are ringing and gossip is spiralling in Whispers Wood…
Single mum Gloria Pavey has a bad habit of saying exactly the wrong thing at the wrong time. Determined to make a positive change she can’t say no when her best friend, Emma, asks her to take on the role of her wedding planner. The only problem? Gloria’s co-planner – best man Seth Knightley.
Gloria is on a self-imposed man ban but pulling together the most beautiful wedding Whispers Wood has ever seen alongside gorgeous Seth is pushing her to her limits. As every interaction increases the tension between them Gloria finds herself wondering…could the happy ever after she never thought she’d have be in her future after all?

My Thoughts:

I hadn’t realised this was book three in a series; otherwise, I wouldn’t have requested it. Even though it is a stand-alone book, you do feel ever so slightly that you are missing out on the inside joke. You aren’t armed with all the information that has gone by in the previous books. This book was so hard to get into, even at 80%, I didn’t feel like it had really got going. It just sort of plodded on throughout and I kept waiting to be drawn into the characters lives, but they just weren’t likeable.
The protagonist Gloria was probably the most interesting character even though she had this supposed attitude problem. This is what made her enjoyable. I didn’t like her friend’s reaction to her little outbursts. They were way too serious; I actually thought some of the things she came out with were funny and didn’t warrant the reaction from her so-called friends. It was uncomfortable reading about her trying to suppress that side of herself to please everyone else around her.
The pop culture references were really annoying if you didn’t get some of them; it made you feel inadequate, and it would make you lose your way with the story a little.
I felt overall that the writing was very awkward, and the characters were really forced and didn’t flow at all. The ending wasn’t very well thought out and was very rushed. The 180 she does just because of what her friends tell her just left me thinking “what?!?!” It was again so strained and laboured; it didn’t feel natural.
My mind certainly wandered throughout this book; it just didn’t capture me. I won’t be reading the back catalogue or any future books, I’m afraid!

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The Wedding Planner
by Eve Devon
Date Started
23rd April 2019
Date Finished
28th April 2019
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