The Things You Didn’t See - Ruth Dugdall

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Official Blurb:

Her instincts are telling her something isn’t right…
On a chilly morning in rural Suffolk, Cassandra Hawke is woken by a gunshot. Her mother is clinging on to her life, the weapon still lying nearby. Everyone thinks it’s attempted suicide—but none of it makes any sense to Cass. She’s certain there’s more to it than meets the eye.
With everyone telling her she’s paranoid, Cass finds an unlikely ally in student paramedic Holly. Holly's synaesthesia means she's able to sense other people's feelings, and she is convinced something is wrong. Together they try to uncover the truth ... but is there more to Holly’s interest than she’s letting on?
With her family and loved ones at risk, Cass must ask herself: is she ready to hear the truth, and can she deal with the consequences?

My Thoughts:

I’ve enjoyed all of Ruth Dugdall’s books, especially the Cate Austin ones. So, I was excited to get time to read her latest release finally (from last year but my TBR pile is ridiculously high!). However, I’m afraid this wasn’t my favourite. For me, it felt a little slow in places; the twists became obvious throughout, so they weren’t as shocking as they could have been, and the characters were a little strange.
Holly’s synaesthesia was very hard to get to grips with (and difficult to physically read the word!), and I found it unbelievable how everyone accepted such a strange phenomenon when she told them about it. It felt as if she was telling them she had asthma or diabetes rather than being able to feel what other people feel or see people as colours. I even had to look it up to see if it was a real thing, but everyone in the book accepted it so freely.
I didn’t feel like the event that occurred 20 years ago bore much relevance to the current events, and it felt a little shoehorned in there to give Holly a reason to take an interest in what was happening.
I usually say that Ruth Dugdall’s books end really abruptly, however with this one we get a full conclusion. Although, I was still turning the page and expecting more only to realise it had ended on the previous page. So she did stay true to form with this trait.
Overall, it wasn’t a bad book I’m just usually thrilled and captivated by her stories, but I found this one really hard to get on board with and to sympathise or connect with any of the characters. It was still written with high standards, and the story was well developed, and the inflictions were very well researched. It just didn’t do much for me, sorry!

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The Things You Didn't See
by Ruth Dugdall
Date Started
28th October 2019
Date Finished
31st October 2019
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