The Shadow Man - Helen Fields

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Official Blurb:

He collects his victims. But he doesn’t keep them safe.
Elspeth, Meggy and Xavier are locked in a flat. They don’t know where they are, and they don’t know why they’re there. They only know that the shadow man has taken them, and he won’t let them go. Desperate to escape, the three of them must find a way out of their living hell, even if it means uncovering a very dark truth.
Because the shadow man isn’t a nightmare. He’s all too real. And he’s watching.

My Thoughts:

I’m always cautious about trying a new author, especially as my reading time is so precious. I had seen this book being advertised everywhere, and some of the authors I follow on Twitter were promoting it, so I did have my fingers crossed when I started it that they were all right! They were! I’m so glad that I took a chance on this one, it was flipping awesome! That first chapter gave me chills, and I just knew I was in for a brilliant reading experience.
Connie was formidable; I loved her outlook on life and her abrupt but likeable manner. I really hope we get to see her again in future books. Baarda, as well, has still got a lot left to uncover, he was just starting to come out of himself after his wife playing around, and I think he could blossom into a very interesting character indeed.
Fergis was a very well cultivated character and even thinking about him now is sending shivers down my spine. He was one messed up individual but made for great reading. He was unpredictable, leaving you sitting on the edge of your seat, not knowing which way the story was going to go. You didn’t know if anyone was safe or if Connie and Baarda would get there in time to save anyone.
So much research must have gone into all the fields covered in this book, and it really paid off. The book is one of those books you will remember and keep thinking about for a while.
If I hadn’t had already compiled by top five books of 2020, this would undoubtedly have been elbowing its way on there. I am going to have to go back now and read some of this author’s other work. Thank you for bringing this superb book out into the world!

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The Shadow Man
by Helen Fields
Date Started
18th December 2020
Date Finished
20th December 2020
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