Royally Scrooged - Rebecca Gallo

Reading Challenge Category: Just fancied reading

Official Blurb:

Prince Leo Genovese of Catalia is cocky, insufferable, and demanding.
And thanks to a blizzard, His Royal Hotness is currently stranded at the North Pole Inn, the hotel I manage.
I'm not sure how long the storm will last or how long I can put up with Prince Leo's behavior.
But when one power outage leads to an unexpected night together, I know one thing's for certain - I'm royally Scrooged.

My Thoughts:

This was a fun and lighthearted, quick read.
Prince Leo and Bernadette are stuck at her uncle’s motel while a storm rages outside. On first meeting the prince, he seems like a right jerk and not likeable at all. Once he thaws out a little, you start to really like him, and you find yourself rooting for their happy ever after.
I liked the added drama into the book, giving this a full-length feel to its story.
It is only 54 pages long, so not a lot can be fit into such a short space. However, the author does a fantastic job of developing the character’s personalities, having lots of sexy time and plenty of feel-good moments too.
It had a fantastic festive feel to it and was certainly an enjoyable hour of reading!

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Royally Scrooged
by Rebecca Gallo
Date Started
17th December 2020
Date Finished
17th December 2020
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