The Second Wife - Sheryl Browne

The second wife

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Official Blurb:

She made her bed. You’ll lie in it.
Rebecca only wanted to help out – to be kind. Richard seemed so alone after his wife, Nicole, died, and Rebecca wanted to make sure he knew he had someone to rely on.
But now she’s in Nicole’s immaculate house. Drinking from her favourite crystal wine glass. Keeping shoes in her orderly closet. Comforting her sweet and grieving step-daughter. It feels like Rebecca is living another woman’s life.
And as she gets to know the neighbours, Rebecca hears stories that make her wonder: was free-spirited Nicole happy in this perfect life, or did she feel trapped? Did she feel, as Rebecca is beginning to, that something wasn’t quite right?

My Thoughts:

I couldn’t put this book down! It was gripping from start to finish. I was absolutely gutted at 2 am this morning when I realised I still had 30% left to read and there was no way I could stay up any longer to finish it and had to go to sleep! As soon as I woke this morning, though, I devoured the rest!
The twists are so shocking you just don’t expect the outcome. I thought I had it all figured out, but I was wrong and taken by surprise by the ending!
The switching of characters per chapter really kept you hooked, as the past story in Nicole’s voice was the most compelling, as you knew she had the answers to what had happened to her. However, when Olivia and Richard’s voices were also given chapters of their own, the story really enthralled you.
It is so well-written, I thought I enjoyed ‘The Babysitter by Sheryl Browne’, but this surpasses that by a mile! She has outdone herself!
A five star read that I would definitely recommend!

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The Second Wife
by Sheryl Browne
Date Started
13th January 2019
Date Finished
14th January 2019
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