The Proposal - Lily Zante

The proposal

Reading Challenge Category: Already on My Kindle (but was actually free back in 2013)

Official Blurb:

One high-flying career woman 
One sexy, struggling artist
When Nadine needs a partner for her company's annual marketing convention, hiring the stripper she met at her sister's bachelorette party seems the ideal solution.
But Ethan Adams is something else. Not only is he five years younger than her, and as sexy as sin, he seems like her exact opposite.
She likes to work hard, he likes to work out.
She sets goals and milestones, he sets hearts on fire.
But Nadine only needs him for one weekend.
Just one weekend, for an overnight stay at a hotel.
What could possibly go wrong?

My Thoughts:

I didn’t enjoy this; it felt familiar like I had read or seen this story before. And then I remembered there had been a film ‘The Wedding Date’ from 2005 (so before this book was written, so it wasn’t based on this book!!!)
So the story was just cliched, obvious and lacking in originality. I think another reviewer summed it up by saying what was it Nadine saw in Ethan? She literally based her infatuation on seeing him strip and decided he was ‘different’ and falls in love with him. Even though she doesn’t bother to get to know anything about him, hmmmm very shallow.
The only good thing about this book was that it was a good bit of fluff to read after two intense thriller books that I had just read, it required no thought and was merely chewing gum for the brain!

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The Proposal
by Lily Zante
Date Started
26th July 2018
Date Finished
28th July 2018
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