The Other Wives Club - Shari Low

Reading Challenge Category: Wanted to end year with author I started it with

Official Blurb:

Three women are thrown together on a Mediterranean cruise to celebrate a milestone birthday of the man they all once loved. What could possibly go wrong?
Tess Gold - the current wife.
When Tess married Drew Gold, she knew his two ex-wives were still in his life.
Now Drew has planned a luxury cruise to celebrate his birthday... and the former Mrs. Golds are all coming too.
Mona Gold - the second wife.
When it comes to style, fashion editor, Mona, never puts a Louboutin wrong.
Now it's time to reclaim the only man she ever really loved... if she can tempt Drew away from his new wife for a second time.
Sarah Gold - the first wife, the original.
When Drew left her for Mona, Sarah's emotions went into hibernation.
Now she's decided to shave those legs and start living again...

My Thoughts:

This isn’t the best Shari Low book I’ve read, mainly due to the storyline. I was sceptical after having read it and wasn’t sure whether to read this back catalogue book or not. However, I enjoy Shari Low’s books so much that I hoped her writing style would disguise the strangeness of the premise. It didn’t, unfortunately.
The whole idea of the three Mrs Golds going on this holiday just didn’t make sense. I understood from the premise that they were all friends with Drew still. However, that didn’t seem to be the case for Sarah, so why did she go? There were just many times I thought this just doesn’t make sense; why are they there, and why are they allowing this to happen?
John, Penny (was it Penny or Peggy?), and the twins were just irrelevant to the story. They hardly interacted with the rest of the family. It was just pointless for them even to be there to celebrate Drew’s birthday.
I think Drew’s behaviour was over-exaggerated, and it might have been good to have a few chapters from his perspective, so we knew what on earth was going through his mind. He had invited all these people but then didn’t want to do anything with them, other than the once he popped up in the pool randomly swimming with the twins. I understand he was being made to be aloof to Tess, but towards all the others, it was just frustrating.
There was good humour throughout that you would expect from a Low book, but it just had something missing that didn’t quite do it for me; I’m sorry.

The Other Wives Club
by Shari Low
Date Started
28th December 2021
Date Finished
30th December 2021