The Nurse - Valerie Keogh

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Official Blurb:

Do No Harm…
Bullied, overlooked and under-appreciated, Lissa McColl learns at an early age to do very bad things.
As a nurse, she is respected and valued for the first time in her life. But Lissa hates her job and the selfish, rude and inconsiderate people she has to deal with.
But being underestimated in this job had its advantages. Lissa can get close to people, find out their secrets… sometimes with deadly results...

My Thoughts:

From the beginning, the narrative of ‘The Nurse’ gripped me tightly with its haunting portrayal of ten-year-old Lissa and her disturbed mind. Keogh employs a masterful technique of employing large time jumps to unravel Lissa’s life, showcasing the ripple effects of her actions as she grows older.
The early chapters present a riveting account of Lissa's twisted psyche, capturing the reader's attention and curiosity. Witnessing how her actions as a young girl lay the foundation for her future choices is intriguing. Keogh skilfully interweaves these glimpses of Lissa's past with the present-day storyline, revealing the evolution of her character.
However, I must admit that as the narrative progresses into the present day, the story loses some of its initial momentum, slowing down and occasionally feeling a tad plodding. The anticipation that built up during the initial chapters dwindles slightly as if the story itself is catching its breath. Nonetheless, the slow pace does allow for a deeper exploration of Lissa's psyche, adding layers of complexity to her character.
But fear not, for the ending of "The Nurse" is well worth the wait. Keogh expertly delivers a satisfying twist that ties up loose ends and answers lingering questions. It's a delightfully crafted conclusion that leaves the reader with a sense of closure while still allowing room for imagination to envision the remainder of Lissa's life. The final pages leave a lasting impression, resonating long after the book is closed.
"The Nurse" can be best described as a 'chewing gum for the brain' psych thriller—a term I fondly use to describe novels that provide a compelling and engaging reading experience without overwhelming complexity. Keogh's writing style is accessible, ensuring that the story flows effortlessly from one page to the next. The characters are well-developed, each with their own flaws and idiosyncrasies, making them relatable and intriguing.
In summary, "The Nurse" by Valerie Keogh delivers a gripping and twisted narrative, particularly during the initial stages when delving into Lissa's troubled mind. Although the story does experience a slight slowdown in the middle, the payoff at the end is truly rewarding. This psychological thriller will keep readers engaged, providing the perfect blend of suspense, mystery, and character exploration. If you're in the mood for a thoroughly enjoyable and easy, "The Nurse" is an excellent choice.

The Nurse
by Valerie Keogh
Date Started
1st July 2023
Date Finished
3rd July 2023