Fall from Grace - Tim Weaver

Reading Challenge Category: Fifth book in a series that I wanted to go back and start

Official Blurb:

Eleanor's new life in the seclusion of Dartmoor is shattered when her husband heads outside to fetch firewood - and never returns.
Nine months on, he still hasn't been found.
Devastated, Ellie's daughter turns to an expert investigator for help.
But nothing can prepare them for what they'll uncover.
There are more lies than answers.
Lies that could put them all in danger . . .

My Thoughts:

As an avid reader of Tim Weaver's David Raker series, I eagerly delved into his latest instalment, "Fall from Grace." This time around, however, I found myself grappling with conflicting emotions throughout the story.
First and foremost, the length of the novel was quite daunting. While I appreciate an immersive reading experience, "Fall from Grace" seemed to meander without a clear sense of direction for a significant portion of the book. At times, it felt as though I was trudging through the narrative without making any tangible progress. The slow pace became a stumbling block, testing my patience as I yearned for a more immediate sense of gratification.
Furthermore, Weaver has a tendency to reiterate past events from previous books in the series. Although I generally find these reminders helpful, in "Fall from Grace," this tendency becomes excessive and, dare I say, unnecessary. The author's inclination to recap events from earlier in the same book felt more like a time-wasting exercise rather than an aid to comprehension. It became frustrating as I longed to push forward with the story rather than dwell on what had already transpired within the pages of the very same novel.
However, despite these setbacks, the twists and reveals towards the end of the book managed to salvage my overall reading experience. Weaver's skill in crafting unexpected plot developments and surprising revelations was on full display. The intricate web he wove gradually began to unravel, and the satisfaction derived from these moments of revelation made the journey worthwhile. The carefully constructed suspense, combined with the clever execution of the final twists, left me both astounded and engrossed.
In conclusion, "Fall from Grace" by Tim Weaver proved to be quite a heavy read in terms of length, and at times, it felt like a struggle to make progress. The excessive reiteration of past events within the same book was a notable drawback, prolonging the narrative unnecessarily. However, the payoff at the end, with its well-executed twists and revelations, ultimately redeemed the book. Fans of the David Raker series will find solace in the culmination of the story, even if the path to get there can be arduous.

Fall from Grace
by Tim Weaver
Date Started
3rd July 2023
Date Finished
9th July 2023