The Nowhere Child - Christian White

The nowhere child

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Official Blurb:

A child was stolen twenty years ago
Little Sammy Went vanishes from her home in Manson, Kentucky – an event that devastates her family and tears apart the town’s deeply religious community.
And somehow that missing girl is you
Kim Leamy, an Australian photographer, is approached by a stranger who turns her world upside down – he claims she is the kidnapped Sammy and that everything she knows about herself is based on a lie.
How far will you go to uncover the truth?
In search of answers, Kim returns to the remote town of Sammy’s childhood to face up to the ghosts of her early life. But the deeper she digs into her family background the more secrets she uncovers… And the closer she gets to confronting the trauma of her dark and twisted past.

My Thoughts:

It’s been a while since I read a book where I didn’t want it to end, but at the same time I can’t put it down as I have to know the ending!
I felt like I really got to know the characters of this book and they got under my skin! It was as if I was there with Kim and all the others living what they were going through. This was so well written to draw you in in this way, as with so many books you read you don’t feel what the characters are feeling. With this book, you really did.
The church element was really creepy, had a very cult vibe and eeek to the snakes. This story is how I imagine the Madeleine McCann story to end. A woman living her life somewhere utterly oblivious to who she was and how it would mess up her mind if someone tracked her down and unloaded this onto her. Completely ripping her life up from under her!
This was a brilliant book, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! However, I’m gutted that this is the author’s debut novel as it means there isn’t a back catalogue to catch up on!

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The Nowhere Child
by Christian White
Date Started
4th February 2019
Date Finished
4th February 2019
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