Dear All Star Player - Tracy Lorraine

Dear all star player

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Official Blurb:

Two enemies.
One Matchmaker
Zero chance of a happily-ever-after…or is there?
Being an All Star Player on the field makes finding a serious relationship a challenge. When a matchmaker sets me up with Book Nerd 69 I discover this quick-witted sweetheart is my kind of woman. Problem is, we have history. And she wants to make me pay.
  Her revenge tactics do nothing but make me want her more. I’ve had a taste of my sexy bookworm, there’s no way I’m missing this touchdown. 

My Thoughts:

For 98% of this book, it was getting five stars (the first time I would have given a Tracy Lorraine book five stars) as it was the best book she had written, but then the end happened, and it let me down.
I kept saying over and over as I was reading it, please don’t end how I think it’s going to end, please. However, it did, it ended the same way she’s finished the last couple of books. Not everything is about ‘that’; people can live happily ever after without that happening!
It was such a true story up until that; Rose didn’t just give in and fall for Seth straight away; she made him fight for her trust and her love. I loved this about the book, as sometimes the storylines in these short books can be too easy. Rose stuck to her guns for an acceptable amount of time. You could really feel her anguish when she met her ‘match’.
The best of the three ‘Matchmaker’ books that I read by far despite the ending!

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Dear All Star PLayer
by Tracy Lorraine
Date Started
3rd February 2019
Date Finished
3rd February 2019
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