The New Girlfriend - Sheryl Browne

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Official Blurb:

Your Secrets. Her Lies.
Cassie stares at the woman on her doorstep in disbelief. Just months after losing her only son, Josh, here stands a stranger claiming to be Josh’s girlfriend. But it’s not only the woman Cassie is shocked by, it’s the baby nestled in Kim’s arms. Cassie’s grandchild. I know what you did.
As Cassie tries to do what’s best for baby Samuel, she starts to receive threatening messages from someone from her past – someone Cassie has been hiding from for a long time. Cassie is frightened that her biggest secret is about to be revealed and she will lose everything, including her precious grandson.
You took everything from me. Now you need to pay.
As the messages get more sinister, Cassie realises the person behind them knows every detail about her life and she fears that she is being watched. Could Kim be the link between Cassie and the mysterious messenger? And is she in danger now that she has welcomed this woman and her baby into her home?

My Thoughts:

This is a typical Psychological Thriller where the main protagonist is losing her mind and has no support from anyone around her.
Cassie’s life is falling apart. She has lost her son, she has a million and one secrets in her closet and as everything unravels she is set to lose everything she holds dear.
All of the characters hold suspicion surrounding their actions. You can’t trust anyone. I had no idea what direction the book was going to take or what the secrets would be.
It’s a very twisty turn story, with all the characters having surprises up their sleeves. The end is quite complicated as everything is unravelled and revealed. However, you are left with no questions; everything is answered.
The book is quite slow, to begin with, but really does pick up pace as it goes along. I didn’t enjoy Cassie’s chapters as she did keep covering old ground and repeating herself. This may have been intentional to portray that she was losing her mind. We follow most of the characters at some point throughout the book in their own chapters. I found the past events of Josh, the most fascinating as this was really sewing the story together and giving us glimpses into the factual circumstances rather than the speculating going on in the present.
Overall, an excellent, suspenseful book that kept me glued to the page.

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The New Girlfriend
by Sheryl Browne
Date Started
28th June 2020
Date Finished
30th June 2020
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