The Day She Came Back - Amanda Prowse

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Official Blurb:

When her loving, free-spirited grandmother Primrose passes away, Victoria is bereft, yet resilient—she has survived tragedy before. But even her strength is tested when a mysterious woman attends Prim’s funeral and claims to be the mother Victoria thought was dead.
As the two women get to know each other and Victoria begins to learn more about her past, it becomes clear that her beloved grandmother had been keeping life-changing secrets from her.
Desperate for answers, she still struggles to trust anyone to tell her the truth.
To live a full and happy life, Victoria knows she must not only uncover the truth, but find a way to forgive her family. But after so many years, is trusting them even possible?

My Thoughts:

This is a very slow-paced book, and I almost gave up on it after a few chapters. However, I have trust in Amanda Prowse’s writing so persevered.
The pace doesn’t really pick up, but the book is filled with emotion. I can’t say that it really touched me like a lot of her books have but it was a pleasant enough of a read. We start off meeting Prim and Victoria on a lazy hot summer’s day. The day soon turns sour when Victoria finds her beloved and lively grandmother has passed away. The book is mainly about her coming to terms with her new reality but also the lies that have been told to her all of her life start to unravel. She is not prepared for the truth and reacts very badly to everything that is being hurled at her.
I had to keep reminding myself that she was only eighteen as sometimes she acted a lot older. However, other times she would seem very immature, and it was then I had to remind myself she was barely an adult.
Her inner dialogue did become very repetitive throughout, and it made the book feel as if it wasn’t moving forward. I think the book could have been half the size with some of this dead weight cut out.
I was expecting more from the revelation as to why Victoria had been lied to her whole life. It was built up and built up that the reveal fell a little flat. I wanted more and wanted to be shocked on behalf of Victoria, but it was a little lame.
The ending is quite lovely, where everything starts to come together, and it was worth persevering with the book to see how it all developed. It was nice seeing all the new relationships between the characters evolving and Victoria growing into a woman.
Overall, even though slow-paced and not filled with the usual ‘kick you in the gut’ feels, it was still a charming read.

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The Day She Came Back
by Amanda Prowse
Date Started
1st July 2020
Date Finished
4th July 2020
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