The Marriage - K.L. Slater

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Official Blurb:

Ten years ago he killed my son. Today I married him.
Ten years ago my darling son Jesse was murdered and our perfect family was destroyed. My strong, handsome boy, so full of life, became a memory, a photo I carried with me everywhere.
But today I’m finally close to finding happiness again. My ash-blonde hair has been curled into ringlets. Carefully placed white flowers frame my delicate features. The small, drab chapel has been prettied up with white satin, and there are tiny red hearts scattered on the small table where I will soon sign the register with my new husband.
The man who killed my son.
My friends and family can’t understand it. My neighbours whisper in the street whenever I walk past. How can I love a man like Tom?
They don’t really know me at all…

My Thoughts:

This was back to the Psychological Thriller level that I expect from K.L. Slater. It was phenomenal after the last few books have been just average. It was back to the utter suspense that I had experienced from the first few books I had read by her, and it blew me away just like they did.
I was gripped right from the start; why is Bridget marrying her son’s killer. What is her ulterior motive? As the story progresses, I can’t tell what the outcome will be; I started to doubt everyone and all of their actions. It kept me guessing and on my toes the entire way through. I didn’t see the conclusion coming that we were presented with. It was a complete shocker and fantastic as not many have been able to do this to me lately. It really kept my imagination alive with all that was unfolding.
We are mainly having the story told from Jill and Bridget’s perspective. However, Tom, Audrey, Ellis and I think a few other character’s get their voices heard, too, which was great to see things from different perspectives.
The premise was really different to any that I have read before, so this kept me gripped and interested the entire way through. I like how the author explains how the book and story came to fruition just from a simple news article and spirals from there. I really do admire how an author can do this. I hear a news story and forget about it a few seconds later, but creating something from such a small piece of information is admirable.
Overall, a superb, five-star read that once again excited me, just like that very first Psychological Thriller (The Mistake) that I read by this author.

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The Marriage
by K.L. Slater
Date Started
23rd April 2021
Date Finished
27th April 20221
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