The Future’s Not Ours To See - Jean Grainger

The futures not ours to see

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Official Blurb:

Carmel is stuck. The future could be bright, but something is stopping her moving on. Despite the promise of an optimistic future away from Ireland, Carmel Sheehan is pulled back to the miserable marriage she feels duty-bound to honour. But when she walks away from the prospect of true happiness and she returns to her monosyllabic husband and his malicious sister, she begins to realize that she cannot endure them any longer.
She finally understands that she can’t begin to live a fulfilled life until she uncovers what led her to where she is now. Armed only with some letters and an old photograph from the mother she never met, she begins the arduous journey of discovery as she tries to decipher her tangled past, and embrace the possibilities of a future that has been in the making since before she was born.

My Thoughts:

What an absolutely terrible book! I want to say it was one of the worst books I have ever read!
First of all, I didn’t know it was the second book of a series as it didn’t say this on Amazon when I downloaded it. The first book was only a novella introducing the story but from what I could grasp was pivotal to the story as it was the foundations for the entire story.
So from the start I felt lost as to what was happening, I considered reading the novella but for £1.99 for 49 pages and I wasn’t enjoying the second book any way I decided not to bother. It’s not that I’m a cheapskate as I’ll pay anything for a good book (emphasis on good!). The most frustrating thing was that I reached the end of the book, and the author says “Get book 1 in this series for free. Just go to my website” Would have been nice to know that at the beginning! I haven’t decided whether to bother yet (plus I’ve not had proper internet access since finishing the book) as I’m not sure it will change my mind on things but if I do and it does I will amend this review!
Anyway, the second bad thing about the book was that the characters were so cheesy and were written to such extreme personalities. On the one hand, you had the ’nice’ people that couldn’t do enough for Carmel, but it was to the extreme, it was actually quite trite and sycophantic. Then you had the ‘bad’ people, and to the author, this meant they had to be ugly in appearance, smell and swear. It was laughable. Then you had the protagonist, who I know had had the worst childhood and had been rejected left right and centre, but she was just so pathetic every time Sharif told her he loved her a few seconds later if he looked pensive she would assume he didn’t. The same with Joe every time he wanted to speak with her she assumed he had changed his mind about being her father, it was like change the record, he’s already put your mind at rest a million times already.
The book was repetitive and just awful I was relieved when it actually ended on 90% on my kindle, and the rest was an introduction to another of the author’s books (no thanks!).

Ok so I went ahead and read the novella to see if it changed my perspective on the second book, and I’m afraid it didn’t, it was just as inane and insipid. I hate to be so callous as I always like to find the good in things but I just can’t in these books as they were just awful! I wish I’d read the novella first to save myself the time from reading the second book.
As I previously said, the characters were just unlikeable, and everything was just so repetitive. Ah well, you can’t win them all!

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The Future's Not Ours To See
by Jean Grainger
Date Started
16th May 2018
Date Finished
19th May 2018
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