The Curfew - T.M. Logan

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Official Blurb:

Do you know where your kids are?
It's time to preorder the brand new up-all-night thriller from the Sunday Times bestselling author of Richard and Judy pick The Holiday and The Catch.
I should have known something was wrong. I should have sensed it. Felt it in the air, like the build-up of pressure before a thunderstorm, that heavy, loaded calm.
The curfew
Andy and Laura are good parents. They tell their son Connor that he can go out with friends to celebrate completing his exams, but he must be home by midnight.
The lie
When Connor misses his curfew, it sets off a series of events that will change the lives of five families forever.
The truth?
Because five teenagers went into the woods that night, but only four came out. And telling the truth might mean losing everything...

My Thoughts:

This was quite a slow read. It starts off quite interesting as there is an air of suspense about the missing teenagers at the beginning of the book. Who is missing, and where are they?
However, as the book progresses, it is very slow in giving us any kind of answer. Connor’s behaviour is infuriating and why his parents weren’t doing more to get answers out of him baffled me. They took more of an ‘it’s ok, we love you no matter what’ approach, and it was all too softly handled.
Harry was quite an interesting character, but I felt like she didn’t get enough ‘air’ time and was pushed to the story’s background. It was apparent she had the skills to help, as she demonstrated pretty early on. However, her parents continuously kept demeaning her, patting her on the head and sending her off out of the way.
The outcome of Emily’s disappearance was quite interesting, but it did feel somewhat rushed. This was in a stark comparison to how slow the rest of the story had been.
The dad (Andy or Rob? I kept getting the brother’s names mixed up) was another annoying character. He just seemed too much of a wet lettuce and kept wandering around the woods trying to get answers. What he should have been doing was prising them out of his son!
I do, however, like that Logan’s books are written from a male perspective as there are so many books in this genre that have a female protagonist. This does make for a pleasant change.
This certainly wasn’t the best of Logan’s books that I have read, but it did pass the time. I just wish there had been a quicker pace throughout to keep me engaged with the story. Just a three-star read for me.

The Curfew
by T.M. Logan
Date Started
10th February 2022
Date Finished
16th February 2022