The Couple in the Photograph - Valerie Keogh

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Official Blurb:

On their anniversary, Keri and Nathan Metcalfe’s children surprise them by having a honeymoon photo blown up to poster size and displayed around the city, captioned “Twenty-five years of marital bliss.” Nathan is thrilled—but Keri is worried that the man she’d been having an affair with will see it . . .
He does. And he doesn’t take it well. When he says she’ll regret it, Keri grows concerned. A funeral wreath is delivered to their home—and then an employee at Keri and Nathan’s company is murdered.
Now Keri is faced with some pressing questions: Is her ex-lover responsible or is someone else behind the threats? Can her marriage survive? And is it always right to tell the truth?

My Thoughts:

This is a fast-paced story where the shocks just keep on coming! The speed I read this was helped by the very short and sharp chapters; they kept me turning the page as I was able to say, ‘oh, go on, then I’ll just read another chapter.’
We start off getting to know Keri and Nathan on their 25th wedding anniversary. We get a brief background of how they have built their business and their lives over that time. When we think we are reading a soppy love story, the first shock comes relatively early on.
I liked that Keri was quite a strong woman. Yes, she had her tears when they were necessary, but she wasn’t portrayed as a woman losing her mind and having no one to turn to, which would have been easy to do. She managed to stay strong throughout and make many good decisions, including involving the police when needed. I think the only frustrating thing was her phone running out of battery and what seemed like just one charging lead all the way down in the dining room. Who doesn’t have chargers all over the house these days, especially in the bedroom!
Overall, it was an exciting read, and I would often think I knew where it was going and then it would completely shock me. A five-star read.

The Couple in the Photograph
by Valerie Keogh
Date Started
22nd November 2021
Date Finished
23rd November 2021