The Christmas Fayre on Holly Field - Lilac Mills

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Official Blurb:

Foxmore’s inaugural Christmas fayre will be the toast of the town – or the downfall of their relationship...
Harriet is facing her second Christmas on her own since her husband walked out. With little child support, she’s struggling to manage financially.
When Owen, a passionate environmentalist and popular blogger, overhears Harriet bemoaning her situation, he challenges her to only buy second-hand until Christmas. What she doesn’t know is that Owen is reporting her journey anonymously to all his followers…
Though the challenge is proving successful, it’s not without its troubles. Can Harriet really keep her children and bank balance happy this way? How will she react when she finds her life documented online?

My Thoughts:

The latest addition to Lilac Mills' heartwarming series, "The Christmas Fayre on Holly Field," offers readers another trip to the picturesque village of Foxmore. This book captures the festive season's essence, nestled amidst the charming snow-draped cottages and twinkling fairy lights, and has a dash of twee that might make even the most cynical soul crack a smile.
Upon cracking open the book, I admit my expectations were slightly reserved. The previous instalment left me feeling a tad overwhelmed by its zeal to promote eco-consciousness. Fear not, dear readers, as Mills has found a more delicate balance this time around. The theme of environmental consciousness hums gently in the background, offering an underlying resonance rather than an outright sermon.
What particularly struck a chord with me was the intriguing exploration of selling second-hand items and the crusade against the stigma often attached to them. The author deftly weaves this narrative thread into the tapestry of Foxmore’s world. This is what I do for a business. I sell second-hand toys or toys that have had packaging damage and returned to the retailer. So instead of all these toys going to landfill, I spruce them up and sell them for a fraction of the price, saving people money. Mills’ subtle approach to this topic makes it an enlightening subplot without feeling forced.
As I tread through the pages, I couldn't help but notice a certain predictability that loomed over the plot. It was as though I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that the proverbial spanner would eventually be hurled into the works concerning Owen's blog. A touch of surprise, perhaps, could have added a pinch of zest to the storyline.
However, despite this minor hiccup, "The Christmas Fayre on Holly Field" achieves what it sets out to do: offer a delightful and undemanding read that serves as a soothing escape from the hustle and bustle of the real world. The enchanting setting, the cosy camaraderie of the villagers, and the touch of romance blend together to create a comforting brew of seasonal cheer.
In conclusion, Lilac Mills' latest instalment doesn't break new ground but provides a warm and festive retreat for readers seeking an escape into a charming village world. The subtle handling of environmental themes and the intriguing nod to second-hand sales were highlights for me, resonating with my own business endeavours. If you're searching for a light and soothing read to accompany your cup of tea this holiday season, "The Christmas Fayre on Holly Field" might just be the ticket.

The Christmas Fayre on Holly Field
by Lilac Mills
Date Started
8th August 2023
Date Finished
11th August 2023