Kill For Me, Kill For You - Steve Cavanagh

Reading Challenge Category: Book club August read

Official Blurb:

One dark evening in New York City, two strangers meet by chance.
Over drinks, Amanda and Wendy realise they have so much in common.
They both feel alone. They both drink alone.
And they both desperately want revenge against the two men who destroyed their families.
Together, they have the perfect plan.
If you kill for me, I'll kill for you...

My Thoughts:

I approached "Kill For Me, Kill For You" by Steve Cavanagh with a hint of caution, having previously encountered his one other standalone that didn't quite match the brilliance of his series. However, I must admit that this latest offering has utterly captivated me. It's like a literary whirlwind that's left an indelible mark on my mind. The narrative has ensnared me, and I can already tell that this is a book that will linger in my thoughts for an extended period.
The plot is a rollercoaster of events, each one accompanied by a cascade of emotions. Cavanagh masterfully crafts a web of twists, turns, and jolts that leaves the reader perpetually on the edge of their seat. The writing itself is a testament to his skill, engaging me with its fluidity and evocative descriptions. The chapters conclude with tantalising hints, often prompting a sense of frustration as I eagerly anticipate the next development. This captivating suspense heightens the overall experience, rendering it a genuine page-turner.
"Kill For Me, Kill For You" is not only a fantastic read but also a compelling choice for our book club discussion. I'm eager to dissect its intricacies, explore its nuances, and engage in passionate conversations about its plot and characters. This novel has solidified Steve Cavanagh's status as a talented storyteller, and I'm eagerly anticipating the conversations that will stem from this thought-provoking and gripping tale.

Postscript: I must confess that despite my overwhelming admiration for “Kill For Me, Kill For You” by Steve Cavanagh, there is one aspect that I found rather disconcerting. Considering the price I paid for the book, I expected a flawlessly polished novel. Regrettably, this was not the case. The presence of numerous spelling errors throughout the text was undeniably vexing. While I am willing to overlook such issues in an advanced reader’s copy (ARC), discovering these errors in a finished manuscript that I’ve invested my hard-earned money in disappointed me.
Nonetheless, I refuse to let this oversight overshadow my overall experience of the book, which was undeniably exceptional. The spellbinding narrative and gripping plot are a testament to Cavanagh’s storytelling prowess. While the errors were an annoyance, they will not diminish the lasting impact this novel has left on me, but I did feel that they couldn’t go without mentioning.

Kill For Me, Kill For You
by Steve Cavanagh
Date Started
5th August 2023
Date Finished
8th August 2023