The Broken Ones - Sarah A. Denzil

The broken ones

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Official Blurb:

"You will know me."
The hoarse whisper comes from a room in the house during the dead of the night. A stranger's voice recorded by equipment Sophie set up, because Sophie is paranoid that someone is out to get her. With few people in her life, Sophie spends all of her time either teaching at a primary school or caring for her ailing mother. Suffering from early onset Alzheimer's disease, Sophie's mother is a difficult patient, leaving her little time to herself.
But on the day Sophie finally decides to put herself first and go on a first date, strange things begin to happen. She finds a discarded button in the garden. A hand print on the outside of the window. Her confused mother blames new bruises on a 'shadow'. Who is following her and why?
And then the voice...
After years of emotional abuse, Sophie begins to wonder if her cruel mother is faking her illness and playing tricks on her.
But what kind of mother would do that to her daughter? And what about the man she met online?
To uncover her stalker, Sophie must look into her past, but she might not like what she finds.

My Thoughts:

Well, that last paragraph is a complete mind bend. I’ve tried not to think about it since finishing the book as I know I will never be able to figure it out and will drive myself crazy.
This is the first book I have read in ages that has made me scared of the dark. I was reading it one night and put it down to go to sleep, and I peered out into the darkness and shivered! I suppose that’s tantamount to good writing when it gets under your skin like that!
A really good book and I didn’t see the twist coming, and I wasn’t sure we would even get the answers with the mother having Alzheimer’s, but we do, sort of, until that last page!

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The Broken Ones
by Sarah A. Denzil
Date Started
13th September 2018
Date Finished
14th September 2018
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