Forget Her Name - Jane Holland

Forget her name

Reading Challenge Category: Kindle Unlimited

Official Blurb:

Rachel’s dead and she’s never coming back. Or is she?
As she prepares for her wedding to Dominic, Catherine has never been happier or more excited about her future. But when she receives an anonymous package—a familiar snow globe with a very grisly addition—that happiness is abruptly threatened by secrets from her past.
Her older sister, Rachel, died on a skiing holiday as a child. But Rachel was no angel: she was vicious and highly disturbed, and she made Catherine’s life a misery. Catherine has spent years trying to forget her dead sister’s cruel tricks. Now someone has sent her Rachel’s snow globe—the first in a series of ominous messages…
While Catherine struggles to focus on her new life with Dominic, someone out there seems intent on tormenting her. But who? And why now? She doesn't have the answers - and in one final question lies her greatest fear.
Is Rachel still alive?

My Thoughts:

After having just finished reading ‘The Broken Ones - Sarah A. Denzil’ about two sisters and one is traumatising the other I was like “oh here we go again”, but this was not what I expected.
When the writing style suddenly changes three quarters through the book, I had to re-read that page a few times. I didn’t know what was going on it took me so by surprise, it is very subtly done as well.
This was a really good read, and you didn’t know what to expect next. The fact that everyone was acting suspiciously and talking about everything behind Catherine’s back kept the suspense alive. You didn’t know what could happen or who to trust.
I’ve found yet another new author, although, not liking poetry I won’t be giving any of her poetry books a go!

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Forget Her Name
by Jane Holland
Date Started
14th September 2018
Date Finished
15th September 2018
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