The Botanist - L.K. Hill

The botanist

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Official Blurb:

Alex knows one thing for sure:

br> Something creepy happened on that abandoned stretch of desert highway.
When Alex Thompson is pulled over by a squad car in the middle of nowhere, the police officer acts downright bizarre. She's positive something’s not right about the whole situation.
Years later, a mass grave is discovered in that same area, and she knows she came close to being one of the victims. So why did the killer let her go?
Cody Oliver is a small-town detective. His department can’t handle a case this huge. When a mysterious woman, Alex, appears from the past, it stirs something in him.
Could a chance encounter a million years ago have been that important? Could a short, random meeting he’d dismissed as soon as it ended be the key to stopping a serial killer?
Give me a “hell yeah” and pick up this book with one click, because if Cody and Alex can’t unravel this demented mystery, the desert will continue to fill up with bodies.

My Thoughts:

This book grabbed me from the first chapter; it was spine-tingling and chilling. I wanted to know who the creepy cop was, and was Alex’s gut feeling wrong.
We jump ahead four years to a mass grave being discovered, and everything starts to unravel.
Everyone seems to be in danger, and no one knows who the killer is or how to capture him.
This is more than just a crime fiction book; it has mystery and thriller thrown in the mix too. The creepiness from the beginning doesn’t let up and continues throughout the entire book. It’s not a short book, but the story keeps compelling you forward so you can easily devour this in no time at all, which is what I did. I needed to know who the killer was!
At the same time as wanting it to end so I would have all the answers, I could have happily carried on reading it for longer; I didn’t want it to finish at the same time. I only hit on a few books that do this to me, and this was one of them. I just know I’m going to be thinking about this for a long time to come.
The only thing that was a let down for me was that we didn’t get all the answers. Who was Cordelia? Along with a few other minor details which I can’t ask here without giving anything away! It was a five-star read up until the point where I felt like I needed to know more like some things were forgotten about and weren’t wrapped up. So, unfortunately, this was demoted to four stars because of this.
Still an amazing book and one I might even read again one day it was just so gripping!

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The Botanist
by L.K. Hill
Date Started
9th March 2019
Date Finished
10th March 2019
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