Forever Dublin - Olivia Hawthorne

Forever dublin

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Official Blurb:

Bay Harrington: Party, party, party!
My life was one big party after another, with maybe a semester of school in between.
I was the typical spoiled rich brat, I had money and looks and not a care in the world.
When I went to Dublin, I expected to have a couple hot flings with hot men I didn’t know, then head back home and continue my studies.
What I didn’t expect was to run smack dab into the arms of my former stepbrother and the man who crushed my heart.
And what I didn’t expect was to find myself needing his help.
And then needing him…
Marcus O’Sullivan: It will be fun, they said.
A couple guys from my law firm talked me into celebrating winning my first big case by taking a weekend away for a concert in Dublin.
I figured I’d bang a hottie, hear some good music, and get back to the firm to keep working my ass off to make junior partner before I left my twenties.
I never figured I’d run into the one girl in the world who could leave me speechless and full of frantic lust.,/br> And I didn’t figure that she would end up needing me as much as I’d always needed her.

My Thoughts:

Again, I liked the continuity of this book to some of the others. I think the three girls would have been the giggling/ groupie girls that had been present in Jynger and Declan’s story in ‘Forever Mine’. They seemed very hyper and sex-crazed.
This book is undoubtedly racier than the others! The last three chapters are devoted to blush and naughty moments! A slightly different pace to the other books in the series, but was all relevant and didn’t seem out of place or over the top.
At one point, I thought the book was going to follow the two protagonists separately as I couldn’t see how they were going to come together. However, they do, and the chemistry bounces off the page!
Overall very well-written and a really enjoyable short, saucy read! I’m certainly glad I didn’t miss out on the ARC opportunity (as I almost did!)

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Forever Dublin
by Olivia Hawthorne
Date Started
8th March 2019
Date Finished
8th March 2019
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