The Betrayal You Serve - Tracy Lorraine

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Official Blurb:

You can’t outrun the truth...
It changes everything.
Her secrets might have been exposed, but mine are still hanging over us.
A betrayal that sends her straight into the arms of another.
It’s like a knife to my heart.
But I was holding the blade.
Scarlett gave me an ultimatum, one that I need to take seriously.
Walk away from the only life I’ve ever known, everything I’ve worked for. Or lose her for good this time.
MKU was my dream, but Scarlett was my future.
If she could forgive me...

My Thoughts:

I’m a little late to the end of this party as I decided to take a small break from Tracy Lorraine’s books. Her writing had become a little angsty compared to how it was when I first discovered her, so I had to decide whether to proceed with this series or not. I’m a sucker for not being able to leave things unfinished, though, and I just had to pick up this book eventually to see Letty and Kane’s story come to its conclusion.
I’m glad I did have the break, and I’m equally happy that I did come back to it as I enjoyed it so much more. I think not having the pressure of it being an ARC read as well helped. I sometimes feel really guilty continuing to accept ARCs from an author when their books just aren’t doing it for me at that time.
So instead, I purchased the book and found that I appreciated it that much more. It has taken me a while to get through it, but I think that is more me not having time to read than a detriment to the book. The whole way through, you are certainly getting a concluding vibe. You know it is building up to the big finish. The author really did surprise me with the small red herring that had me thinking the book was going to finish in a generic way. However, this threw me off, and I was pleasantly surprised when I was wrong, and it ended perfectly and didn’t rush to where I thought it was going. Kane and Letty are still young and need to figure their lives out, which was depicted for us, so I’m glad the author stayed clear of this particular route.
This series has certainly been dark, especially with the Hawks side of things, and I’m not sure if I’m ready for Reid’s story yet. I am, on the other hand, ready to find out what Luca’s problem is. What a grumpy little bugger!!

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The Betrayal You Serve
by Tracy Lorraine
Date Started
22nd July 2021
Date Finished
28th July 2021
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