That Night - Gillian McAllister

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Official Blurb:

What would you do to protect your family?
During a family holiday in Italy, you get an urgent call from your sister.
There's been an accident: she hit a man with her car and he's dead.
She's overcome with terror - fearing years in a foreign jail away from her child.
She asks for your help. It wasn't her fault, not really. She'd cover for you, so will you do the same for her?
But when the police come calling, the lies start. And you each begin to doubt your trust in one another.
What really happened that night?
Who is lying to who?
Who will be the first to crack?

My Thoughts:

Oh wow, I wasn’t expecting that level of amazingness when starting this book. I chose this on NetGalley on a whim as I’d not read anything by this author before, but I really liked the idea of the premise. I’m glad I took the chance on it.
The book was perfectly executed from start to finish. I was hooked, gripped, shocked and thrilled by the entire story. It was superbly written.
You feel as if you know most of what is going on as the ‘Then’ chapters make up the majority of the book. However, there are ‘Now’ chapters that really put a spanner in the works. Whilst reading the ‘Then’ chapters, you almost think there is nothing that can come along to shock you; you can practically guess where it is going and what will happen. Though you couldn’t be more wrong, the book has plenty of surprises up its sleeve and keeps you hooked right to the end.
You are mainly following Cathy and Joe’s points of view but Lydia, Joe’s wife, gets the odd chapter to herself as well. The only perspective missing is that of Frannie’s.
My heart was in my mouth for most of the book, wondering how they were going to get away with everything they had done. As their worlds spiral more and more out of control, no reasonable solution seems to be apparent. The author really did manage to keep a lot close to her chest and really wows you with the intricacies at the end.
This was a fantastic read, and I will certainly now be looking up what else this author has out that I can devour.

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That Night
by Gillian McAllister
Date Started
1st May 2021
Date Finished
4th May 2021
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