Spring Break Secret Baby - Tracy Lorraine

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Official Blurb:

She was my everything. My best friend. My girl. My future.
  It was meant to be the night that marked the beginning of lives together. Instead, I was forced to walk away.
That is, until our worlds collided once again. Now, I’ve only got a few days to prove I didn’t leave her willingly all those years ago. I’m prepared to fight to win her back, but what I’m totally unaware of is that it’s not just her heart on the line, and it wasn’t just her I walked away from that night.
  She’s keeping a secret.
One that’s going to change my life forever.

My Thoughts:

I really liked the back-story to this book. The characters have history, and the story builds up the intrigue and mystery surrounding the details of the past. The whole way through the book, I wanted to know what had happened, and I devoured the book quickly to get my answers.
The characters were well-developed as they have skeletons in their closet and deep emotions that they have to deal with before we can get our happy ending.
It still had a Spring Break feel to the book even though all the heartache the protagonist was going through. There were still fun and games happening with some of the other characters, and I look forward to getting to know them more (as promised by the author) in future books.
As always Tracy Lorraine manages an excellent job to create a perfect balance between story and blush moments and gets it just right, making this a delightful read.

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Spring Break Secret Baby
by Tracy Lorraine
Date Started
7th April 2019
Date Finished
7th April 2019
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