Spring Break Delish - Laney Powell

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Official Blurb:

Everyone's a playboy... until they meet the real thing.
The whole crew is down in South Padre for one last hurrah. It's like a week-long stag party; we're making the best of our final spring break together. Next year will be all about what's real - real life, real job, and real obligations. But right now it's sun, sin, and string bikinis as far as the eye can see.
When Lyssa arrives on the scene, all my lazy playboy fantasies are replaced with old-fashioned courtship. I find myself holding hands, going on dates, and engaging in romance galore. I don't want to let her go, and I've only got a week to show her just how real this is for me.
After a single, stupid, bonehead remark puts everything in jeopardy, I'll need to prove to Lyssa I'm ready to start what's real... right now.

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this story. Lyssa and Tate meet on Spring Break, and their relationship develops naturally. They go on a few dates and get to know each other before the blush moments happen! It is an instant attraction with an animal instinct, but there is more to their connection which was nice to read.
There are the up and downs to the story when Lyssa hears something she really didn’t want to, but we do get the happily ever after that we want for this couple.
I love the goat side of the story as well; this is so unique and makes Lyssa have something unusual about her. I’d love a goat farm; it sounds absolutely idyllic!
Overall, a delightful read with good old fashioned Spring Break, which leads to happily ever after and the book fits in nicely with this collaboration.

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Spring Break Delish
by Laney Powell
Date Started
7th April 2019
Date Finished
7th April 2019
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