Somebody to Love - Sheryl Browne

Somebody to love

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Official Blurb:

Sigh with contentment, scream with frustration. At times you will weep.
Dumped by her husband for a blindingly blonde twig, single mum Donna is getting on with her life, albeit not very confidently. In her dreams, she’ll meet a drop dead delicious hero who will love her and her three-legged dog without question. Alas, in reality, they don’t exist. Dashing policeman Mark does what men do: hides his hurt well. Mark has a lot riding on any sort of relationship he might enter into. He has a special needs son. But should he tell Donna, the quirky, sassy, caring woman he’s fallen in love with? Or will he scare her away?
Could Mark be the hunk Donna needs? Could Donna be the rock Mark can lean on? If they look hard enough, can they find Somebody to Love?

My Thoughts:

Well, this was disappointingly awful!
I thought I would give Browne’s chick-lit genre a go after loving her psychological thriller ‘The Babysitter’ a few weeks back, but this was just terrible. The style of writing was awful; the storyline and flow of the story were disjointed. It was just all over the place and so hard to read. If I put it down for a few hours after a chapter and came back to it, I honestly had no clue what was going on when I picked it back up. I had to continually keep getting my bearings again.
The protagonist was pathetic, and the fact that she kept referring to Mark as her ex when they had been on barely-there two dates that she hadn’t even wanted to go on was just strange. Then he kept referring to himself as her boyfriend, and she didn’t mind that but then wondered whether he liked her, errr what???
It was just awful!!! So all of her back catalogue of chick-lit books have been swiftly deleted from my TBR list!

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Somebody To Love
by Sheryl Browne
Date Started
14th August 2018
Date Finished
18th August 2018
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