2 Busy 4 Love - Lucy Hepburn

2 busy 4 love

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Official Blurb:

A handsome stranger almost makes up for a lost phone in a comedy of errors across New York City.
Christy prides herself on her efficiency as a personal assistant, fueled by her ever-present iPhone. When she loses the phone on the train on the day of her sister’s engagement party, Christy is sure the day is ruined—until she borrows a phone to reach Will, the cute guy who picked up hers for safe keeping. Dealing with family emergencies of his own, he can’t meet her until the evening, but maybe there’s still hope. Christy enlists Will as her own personal assistant, feeding her addresses and schedules throughout the day.
Determined to meet the high expectations of her clients, not to mention the preparations for the engagement party, Christy dashes back and forth across New York City saving spoiled dogs from impatient groomers, shoving oriental rugs into too-small cabs, and carefully avoiding Twitter-obsessed socialites, all with Will’s calming voice in her ear guiding the way. Juggling his own misadventures with his cantankerous father and his flighty assistant, Will begins counting the hours until he can be properly introduced to the woman who has drawn him in with nothing more than a sexy voice and an overly complicated phone.

My Thoughts:

This book had me on edge the whole time, and then I remembered so did Hepburn’s other book ‘All Dressed Up’. I’ve just re-read my review for that book and realised that this one had a lot of the same elements. Sisters that have a problem with each other, a misunderstanding over the girl liking a different boy than she is supposed to (Will thinking Christy is interested in Toni).
Again, a lot of the problems could have been avoided especially the apartment near the very beginning, which, for me, was the most frustrating. She chose to go to one of her clients early which made her turn up just in the nick of time (but was actually too late) to hand her check in which in turn caused a knock-on effect to the whole day. If she had just gone to her clients after handing the check in, it could have all been avoided. So, yet again, I think I am just too sensible for this book. I am way too organised a person to cope with this woman running a business that relies on organisational skills she apparently didn’t have!
So this book actually made me feel stressed. I know it is only a book and all made up, but you enter that world, and you invest your time in the people making it feel ‘real’ in your head for those few hours that you are reading!
So I think with two of Hepburn’s books having the same formula I am done with her as an author I’m afraid.

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2 Busy 4 Love
by Lucy Hepburn
Date Started
10th August 2018
Date Finished
14th August 2018
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