Snowflakes - Ruth Ware

Reading Challenge Category: Book from Amazon Kindle Unlimited

Official Blurb:

Leah has spent her formative years isolated on a remote island with her family. But their quiet existence, far from the devastated mainland, is cracking. Father, sensing a coming threat, demands that a wall be built. As the stone blockade rises, Father’s paranoia escalates. So does Leah’s dread that the violence the family left behind has found its way to their sanctuary.

My Thoughts:

Wow, for a 24-page book, this was brilliant. I was utterly gripped by what was going on.
We meet Leah when she is being bundled into the car by her father and whisked away in the night for safety against the growing war.
At first, you think it is set during the second world war and that Leah and her family were Jews, but then there are a few tidbits that make you question the timeline.
The ending was brilliant, such a shocker and I didn’t guess this outcome at all. I had worried that we wouldn’t get answers and that it would be one of those types of books that makes you think, but it isn’t; it wraps up really nicely.
A good solid five star read, and if this author can do this in 24 pages, I’m intrigued with what she can do with a full-blow novel!

by Ruth Ware
Date Started
17th December 2021
Date Finished
17th December 2021