Buried - Jeffery Deaver

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Official Blurb:

An old-school reporter discovers that the search for the truth is still full of surprises in a twisty short thriller from bestselling master of suspense Jeffery Deaver.
After a long run as a respected journalist, Edward “Fitz” Fitzhugh is on his way out when he stumbles across the story of a lifetime. The Gravedigger is a serial kidnapper who taunts the police with riddles. The other puzzle is his motive, which Fitz is determined to piece together. When an eyewitness to the latest abduction leads Fitz closer to the facts, he realizes that the last great story of his career is not at all what it appears to be.

My Thoughts:

This was only 78-pages long but felt like a full-blown novel.
There is a lot of background information on the characters, and at some points, I felt like for such a short book, the story did manage to go off-topic, describing the intricacies of journalism. The one thing that wasn’t part of the main story that I did like was the grammatical references discussed. Having an MA in English Language this side of things really interested me. When Fitz asks Dottie what the biggest error is, I guessed an S apostrophe, but I thought it might be the omission in possessive. It was fascinating to learn that people actually add it into plurals incorrectly. I do hope this was an actual fact and not made up?
Anyway, the story as a whole was very well done for such a small book; it had twists and interwoven explanations at the end and made for an enjoyable read.
A solid four-star book.

by Jeffery Deaver
Date Started
16th December 2021
Date Finished
16th December 2021