Snowed Inn - Sher Dillard

Reading Challenge Category: Christmas Book

Official Blurb:

On a dark snowy Christmas Eve, Brooke is rescued by a sexy tow truck driver. With no room at the Inn, she is forced to accept his offer to stay with him. What had looked like a miserable holiday has every chance of becoming a sexy interlude that she will never forget.
But when Eric turns out to be so much more. Can she turn a fun fling into something with true meaning?

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this short story from Sher Dillard as part of last year’s Christmas Flirt Club collaboration.
It was really Christmassy, which is exactly what I was after. It had a great storyline, and the blush moments weren’t too in your face and were appropriate to the story.
Brooke finds herself stranded in the middle of nowhere on Christmas Eve. She doesn’t expect to be rescued by someone that is going to knock her socks off (literally!) She isn’t a fan of Christmas having been brought up in an orphanage so when she spends the holidays with Eric’s family; it makes her nostalgic for the life she wants.
This was a charming and heartwarming story about acceptance and happiness. I have even forgiven the cliche baby at the end as this fits in well with Brooke’s story and how she wanted a family of her own.
Overall a delightful and well-deserved five star read.

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Snowed Inn
by Sher Dillard
Date Started
4th December 2019
Date Finished
4th December 2019
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