Shine for Me - Rachel Schurig

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Official Blurb:

Juniper Cain and Fox Ransome could be Hollywood’s golden couple. Not only are they young, gorgeous, and glamorous, they also both come from entertainment royalty—June as a member of Hollywood’s most powerful family and Fox as the son of the lead singer of legendary rock band Ransom. The movies June and Fox headline rule the box office. Photographs of the two of them sell magazines. Fans adore them. There are only two problems: Fox’s vow to never date another actress and the little fact that June is already engaged.
Hollywood royalty. Rock and roll legends. These two families are a match made in heaven. But June and Fox know better than anyone that under the glittering spotlight of fame, true happily ever afters are a lot harder to come by.

My Thoughts:

Once again, Rachel Schurig writes the perfect love story!
We have been following the descendants of the Ransome family for a few books now, and we have seen Fox in the background. We finally get his story in this book. He was a fantastic, not too deep a character but enough depth to make him a really nice guy.
Juniper brought all of the drama with her instead. She was a very sweet and adorable girl with a lot of problems that she needed to overcome for her to be happy and, in turn, for Fox to be happy too. The book had the perfect combination of feel-good moments and drama to keep me reading this until late at night. The author captures the characters' essence perfectly, and you find yourself caring about them as if they were real people. It is, of course, always lovely to revisit the rest of the Ransome family too. There is always a party or two where all the characters you have grown to love over the series make an appearance.
We have skipped ahead a few years in this book, which means that the ‘Littles’ are now all grown up, hopefully meaning there will be even more books and stories to come.
A truly fantastic book, and I was gutted when it came to an end. Roll on November for the next instalment!

Shine for Me
by Rachel Schurig
Date Started
12th July 2022
Date Finished
16th July 2022