Santa’s Christmas Cracker - Angel Devlin

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Official Blurb:

From Ho Ho Ho to Oh Oh Oh…
It’s been six years since Casey last saw her best friend’s brother…
Now her coffee shop is quiet at Christmas and her bestie, Audrina, has recruited Jared to come play Santa. Hot Spiced Pumpkin lattes versus Hot Santa, it’s a no-brainer for the women of NYC.
So Casey has to watch as the crush she’s never forgotten lets woman after woman sit on his lap. Even more humiliating is that she’s dressed in the worst outfit ever – as a British Christmas Cracker.  Can Casey get all she wants for Christmas?

My Thoughts:

Well, that was a quick short burst of a story! At only 32 pages long a lot was packed in I was very impressed.
There is Casey’s point of view and her current dire situation with her coffee shop. Additionally, there is a backstory with even a chapter dedicated to the embarrassing event that happened six years ago. There is Jared’s point of view where we see what he is feeling about Casey’s situation and what he was thinking about in the past. Then, of course, there is the lovely ending.
Casey was a little annoying; I wanted her to act a little cool rather than like a schoolgirl with a crush. That aside though her and Jared made a lovely couple and I really enjoyed the story. I’m really looking forward to Audrina’s story in the resolution collaboration book.

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Santa's Christmas Cracker
by Angel Devlin
Date Started
19th July 2019
Date Finished
19the July 2019
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