Rhyming Rings - David Gemmell

Reading Challenge Category: Recommended by Morgan (husband)

Official Blurb:

An ambidextrous killer is raping and murdering women, leaving virtually no evidence behind, and struggling journalist Jeremy Miller wishes he was covering the case. Instead, he's stuck with heart-warming local stories about paraplegic teenagers and elderly psychic ladies.
So when his stories and the murder case start to converge no one is more surprised than Jeremy. Or, it turns out, more at risk.

My Thoughts:

So I think this may be the last recommendation I take from my husband as he isn’t racking up a very good reputation. This I’m afraid wasn’t very good. I’m not sure if I had such high expectations as Morgan has been on at me to read this for years now. Every time I’m umming and ahhing about wanting a really good book to read Morgan plucks this one out of his armoire, once again. The problem is he sold it to me as us seeing everything through the killer’s eyes. I do like to be a bit sadistic from time to time and read as if I’m the killer. This book doesn’t do that, though, there are only a few pages dedicated to that. He also compared it to Cara Hunter and John Marrs’ books. I think this was pushing it a bit. Now I’ve read it and didn’t enjoy it; he’s back peddling a little and declaring it’s been years since he read it and can’t remember it at all, so I’m completely bewildered as to why on earth I subjected myself to this!
Anyway, what was wrong with it!? Well, it was quite short, and it covered so much. It was supposed to be about a killer killing divorced women; however, for about 60% of the book, this was a secondary if not a quinary storyline! We were mainly following the life of the journalist, and after reading the afterward, this felt more like a tribute to David Gemmel’s life than anything as it seemed to be based on him. We had so many storylines going on there wasn’t enough space or time to really invest in any of them. Case in point, Dawn Green, we meet and lose her in the space of a few days.
Once the killings become the focus, I could understand how Jeremy comes to the conclusions that he does, but not how the police do. The police, however, have decided to occupy themselves with something else entirely, which came out of nowhere and completely sideswiped me.
I wasn’t expecting the psychic element, and if I’d known about it, I wouldn’t have picked up the book at all as I’m not a big fan of that in crime novels, although I did like Ethel’s and Sutcliffe’s characters.
The ending was ludicrous. Something that we had been told was a lost cause suddenly, by magic was turned around and had a happy ever after. I was left bewildered and cheated over a lost couple of hours reading this nonsense, thanks, Morgan!

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Rhyming Rings
by David Gemmell
Date Started
8th January 2020
Date Finished
9th January 2020
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