Cowboy’s Redemption - Alexx Andria

Reading Challenge Category: Flirt Club Book

Official Blurb:

He was the right kind of wrong for a woman with a broken heart.
I blew up my marriage, ran from everything I’d ever known to take a chance on a fresh start for me and my girls in a new place.
For too long my ex had chipped away at who I was until I no longer recognized myself in the mirror. My mission was to find the woman I’d lost while trying to be someone I wasn’t.
I never imagined I’d meet a man like Dash Abhrams.
Tall, lean and made to give a woman hot dreams, he was everything I needed to avoid if I was going to make a go at this new life.
But Dash was hard to ignore.
Especially when his eyes told a story I was yearning to hear.
Still I tried to keep my distance.
Until that one night…
And then, all bets were off.
Was it guaranteed self-destruction or soulmates finally coming together?
I guess we would find out.

My Thoughts:

This is a direct follow on to ‘Her Hot Shot’, where we see Stella having trouble with her man in the background of Isabelle’s story. I think you need to read that book first to get the true impact of her marital problems as only really an overview is given at the beginning of this book before the transition of her move to Paulson.
It did feel a bit jarring going from one place to the other, and I’m not sure the shift she made worked as smoothly as the author intended? All of a sudden, she has left her husband and uprooted her little girls. She is then ensconced in a new life far away living with new people that she didn’t know previously (I assume). It was a bit of a whiplash situation. She didn’t really explain why there, did she know people? Why did she leave her family? Was that the best for the girls? I felt it was more to fit in with the book premise than what was best for the character.
Anyway, once the first few chapters were over, and you got to know Dash and got involved with their lives; it was a lovely little love story, and it was nice to see her getting a happy ever after. It was, as someone from the UK, a very American sounding book. I watch a lot of American TV, and I could really hear the accents and phrases coming out of the book, it really helped set the ranch scene for me. Dash was, also, a very alpha, no-nonsense male. He sounded lovely!
Overall, a pleasant read but a little confusing to begin with.

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Cowboy's Redemption
by Alexx Andria
Date Started
10th January 2020
Date Finished
10th January 2020
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