Resolution: Road Trip - Sierra Hill

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Official Blurb:

I was stuck in a dead-end job, with a creep of a boss and in the midst of a quarter-life crisis. So, when members of my former sorority initiated a resolution pact for the new year, I jumped right on that.
My resolution was to break out of the shackles of my boring and safe life and do something bold and daring. But I had no idea how to do that…until he came along.
As luck would have it, Nathaniel Leeds, a brilliant research scientist, was looking for a temporary assistant to help him collect and document data. The job itself didn’t sound all that exciting until I learned that it would involve a road trip.
And then I met my new boss.
And Lord help me, my handsome, Brainiac boss made me hotter than the jungles of Costa Rica.
If I can survive this road trip with my heart intact, I’m resolving never to make another resolution for as long as I live.

My Thoughts:

It is such a shame, but I just didn’t enjoy this. I’m not even sure why not, I just felt bored throughout. I didn’t pick up on the chemistry between Marin and Nathanial, and for a short book, I thought it dragged.
The characters didn’t have much about them to get you invested in their lives. Marin was quite dull, plain and uninteresting. She didn’t offer much of a personality and Nathanial was just a sleazy boss. Marin was acting very unprofessional when they first arrived in Costa Rica, and it was winding me up. I know her New Year’s resolution was to throw everything to the wind, but at that point surely she would have wanted to impress her new boss in more than just one way?
The only thing I did enjoy about the book was the ending; it wasn’t cliched. It had a unique and unrushed ending. It was different and didn’t end with babies and marriage but still had the required happy ever after.
I have enjoyed all of Sierra Hill’s books up until now, so I was looking forward to this one, but for me, it just fell short of having her usual sparkle. I’m giving it three stars for the ending and for the fact that I think it was just me not feeling it with this book, as there was nothing particularly wrong with it. Maybe I was just in the wrong frame of mind!?

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Resolution: Road Trip
by Sierra Hill
Date Started
4th January 2020
Date Finished
4th January 2020
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