Resolution: First Kiss - Kelli Callahan

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Official Blurb:

I want my first kiss, and a whole lot more...
I'm done being the girl that's never been kissed.
I've just been invited to spend New Year's Eve with Bradley Remington.
He's hot-as-sin. Gorgeous. Everything I could want and more.
We all know what happens at midnight. Right?
The fireworks won't be the only thing that goes boom...

My Thoughts:

This was a fantastic read! I read it off the back of another Flirt Club ‘Resolution’ book, and this one knocks the socks off the other. This is only 20 pages longer than the other book I read, but it felt like I was engrossed in a full-blown romance story. Kelli Callahan really managed to work with the page count and space given and make this story work.
It is such a romantic story and really different from some of the others that I have read. I really liked that this one was set while Britney was still at Oak Ridge University and in the sorority with Stacey that was sending out the resolution text to everyone. It is set during the same cycle of sorority girls that we saw during the Halloween Honeys books. Many of the other resolution books are based around girls that left university years ago. So this was a refreshing take on the brief.
The book was so romantic, and I was so swept up in Britney and Bradley’s adventure and the rush to get to LA that I forgot this was a saucy book. I was truly in the moment of magic of New Year’s Eve with them and enjoying their tale very much.
A brilliantly written story and I am looking forward to the last of Kelli Callahan’s Flirt Club books that I have left to read, ‘Dear Mr Firefighter’.

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Resolution: First Kiss
by Kelli Callahan
Date Started
4th January 2020
Date Finished
4th January 2020
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