Remind Me - Mayra Statham

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Official Blurb:

I woke up two years ago and didn’t know what way was up. I didn’t even know my own name. No one looked familiar. Not even the angel with striking light blue eyes that made my heart ache to remember.
She tried to remind me. Every day for two years.
But I shut her and everyone out. Her daily calls, the sound of her voice was what kept me going. But nothing came back.
Not until she left a message saying goodbye.
Now it’s my turn to remind her of who we used to be.
Remind her that she’s mine. Today and always. No matter what.

My Thoughts:

This is one of the ‘Forget’ series by the Flirt Club. I’ve read a few of the others and enjoyed them, so I thought I’d give an author, unknown to me, a try.
The story itself wasn’t too bad, although it did have its faults. We jump in after Jax has already lost his memories, and two years have passed. Miri has tried being there for him for all that time, but all he has done is blank her out of his life. She has finally had enough, and when she realises that she is done, Jax realises he could lose the best thing in his life.
I found the time span of two years a bit unrealistic for this story; a year may have even been pushing it as so much can happen in that time, so the thought of Miri wasting two years of her life and then being happy when he turns up at her door was all just a bit too far-fetched.
The thing that ruined the book for me the most was the spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and word omissions. There were just too many, and the author really needs to get herself a good editing team. I thought maybe she was a new author due to all the errors. However, when I got to the end of the book, and there was a list of her previous work, an author with such a resume shouldn’t make rookie errors like those found in this book.
So, overall a disappointing read and I won’t be reading any more of this author’s work.

Remind Me
by Mayra Statham
Date Started
12th December 2021
Date Finished
12th December 2021