Only You - Cathryn Grant

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Official Blurb:

Hadley did a bad thing. Now she has to pay.
Hadley is one of those rare people who feels she's living the perfect life. She has a husband she loves, a charming daughter, and a job that is deeply fulfilling. Sometimes it almost seems like a fairytale.
Sure enough, little by little, things start to go wrong. There's the creepy guy from down the street who keeps staring at her teenage daughter, there's the strangely needy woman who moves in next door…
Just little wrinkles, but then Hadley's world is turned upside down when someone close to her is murdered. And Hadley begins to suspect that the killing is linked to something from her own past. A terrible secret she has never shared with anyone…
As she digs deeper, Hadley realises there is someone out there who knows what she did, someone who is planning to take her perfect life - and turn it into a perfect nightmare.

My Thoughts:

This is the second book I have read by Cathryn Grant, and I’m certainly glad I have discovered this author as this was another corker. I can’t believe the back catalogue of this Grant’s work that I now want to read. I’m never going to catch up!
The book is packed with suspense and intrigue, and I even found myself shouting at the protagonist a few times. A clear sign of being engrossed in a book, the world and characters.
Hadley is a suburban mum, living a nice life in a nice house with a nice family. Everything on the surface is great, yet she harbours a deep secret. When her sister comes to visit out of the blue, her life takes the turn for the worst, and before she knows it, she is set to lose everything.
The book is a bizarre read, to begin with, as we are not only following Hadley and her daughter Geneva’s points of view, but the chapters are interspersed randomly by what seems like fairytales. The tales are of Princess Camille and Princess Clementine. At first, they appear to be completely random, and you are left feeling a bit out of sorts as to why you are reading these chapters in the midst of a Psychological Thriller. However, as the book progresses, everything starts to make sense.
I did feel like part of the plot was a little too obvious; I just couldn’t figure out the whys or hows. So as everything unfolds towards the end, it made for a really gripping reading.
It took me a while to get to grips with everyone’s names. I thought the name Geneva was too old for a fifteen-year-old and kept confusing her with her mother. Likewise, for the names Hadley and Faith, they felt more like young people’s names. Maybe that is a cultural thing, though, as this is based in the US, and I’m from the UK. I may be wrong, but I don’t think Geneva and Hadley are common names over here?
The book was very cleverly put together and brilliantly written, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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only You
by Cathryn Grant
Date Started
16th April 2021
Date Finished
19th April 2021
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