Only Daughter - Sarah A. Denzil

Only daughter

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Official Blurb:

‘Your daughter is dead.'
When Kat Cavanaugh hears the words every mother dreads, her perfect world shatters. She takes in the beautiful long blonde hair, torn yellow dress and chipped blue nail-varnish. It can’t be real. And then the police add the word ‘suicide’. But Kat refuses to believe them.
Even when they show her the familiar looping handwriting and smudged ink on the note her little girl left behind. She knows her bubbly, vivacious daughter would never take her own life.
As she searches Grace’s perfume-scented room, filled with smiling photos, she uncovers secrets her daughter had been hiding. Secrets that make her wonder how well she really knew the woman her only child was becoming.
Kat’s determined to find out what really happened to Grace on the night she died, even if it means facing her own troubled past. But as she gets closer to the terrible truth, Kat finds herself faced with an unthinkable question: there was no way she could have protected Grace – or was there?

My Thoughts:

This was Sarah Denzil’s best book yet! It was well-written, well thought out, and perfectly executed!
The book was heartbreaking, exciting, gripping and a whole load of other awesome adjectives!
The funeral scene had me in tears as it was just heaped with emotion and articulated what I’m sure we all worry about. How will we be perceived? Are we sad enough? Are we grieving enough? Am I wearing the right clothes? (Although I’m sure when reality hits and we are faced with the death of an actual loved one none of these things matter!)
The twists at the end were exciting and unpredicted, but no matter what the outcome the fact remained that Grace was dead (this isn’t a spoiler as it is in the blurb and confirmed within the first couple of pages!). It didn’t matter in the end how she died or if anyone was responsible, Kat had still lost her daughter, and this thought remained with me the entire way through the book. The book held onto this grief and sadness whilst Kat was fuelled with anger looking into Grace’s death. Absolutely brilliant and without a doubt a five-star read!

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Only Daughter
by Sarah A. Denzil
Date Started
15th February 2019
Date Finished
16th February 2019
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