One Way or Another - Colleen Coleman

One way or another

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Official Blurb:

Twenty-nine-year-old Katie Kelly is at an all-time low. By now she was supposed to have the perfect relationship and her dream career – but her boyfriend left her behind to travel the world, she’s sleeping on a friend’s sofa, and she’s working a temporary job... that she’s been in for two years. This is not the life she dreamed of.
But with the help of Martha, an eighty-year-old who believes in living life to the absolute full, Katie is about to start again – to grab hold of life with both hands and give it a big shake up, starting with getting out of her dead-end job. When old flame, gorgeous Ben Cole, unexpectedly reappears in Katie’s life, it seems like true love might be within reach too…
Soon Katie is on the cusp of getting everything she wanted: dream job, dream man, dream life. But can she really have it all?

My Thoughts:

This was a pleasant short easy read.
It felt like I was reading a Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen type story as I watch a lot of those sorts of programmes! The challenges she had to face to get the dream job were very similar to those in the programme, so I was chuckling along and was imagining it in the kitchen in the programme.
Not much else to say really it was very enjoyable and I will be picking up Colleen Coleman’s other books at some point in the future!

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One Way Or Another
by Colleen Coleman
Date Started
8th July 2018
Date Finished
10th July 2018
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