Not So Silent Night - Kelli Callahan

Reading Challenge Category: Christmas Book

Official Blurb:

Santa promised me something special for Christmas... Something that begins with an O.
My name is Livia,
and I've been a good girl.
But Santa's never brought me what I really want.
Can you guess what O I'm talking about?
I've never had one.
No big O, no little O.
No O at all.
My parents even forgot to put an O on the front of my name.
But this Christmas might be different...
I might get what I've always wanted;
A Not-So-Silent Night...

My Thoughts:

This was a pleasant and different read. Not very Christmassy, though, which was a shame.
We meet both Livia and Dillon when they have been forced along to a speed dating event by their best friends. Neither of them wants to be there, and they have no desire to match with anyone. After a bit of further meddling from their friends, they start to let their walls and guards down and begin to think of the possibility in one another.
I liked how it wasn’t a thunderbolt right from the start; it was a slow burn which made this story all the more realistic. The characters were likeable, and we get to know enough about their lives to keep the story interesting.
Other than it being set at Christmas it didn’t have a very festive feel about it, so it did feel somewhat shoehorned into the Flirt Club collaboration. However, this didn’t stop it being an enjoyable read of its own right.
It was going to be five stars, but then we had a cliche ending, so I have knocked a star off for that. There are so many other possible endings for these type of books, yet the authors go for the easy one.
Overall, an enjoyable and enlightening read.

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Not So Silent Night
by Kelli Callahan
Date Started
28th November 2019
Date Finished
28th November 2019
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