Magic and Mistletoe - Kim Lorraine

Reading Challenge Category: Christmas Book

Official Blurb:

I left home to chase my dreams of becoming a rock star, but that meant I had to leave my girl behind. It didn't take long for me to realize giving up Noelle was the worst mistake I'd ever made. When I find out my parents are about to lose their Christmas tree farm, I know I have to go home and help. I haven't been back since the day I said goodbye to everything I knew and I'm not sure everyone in my little hometown will be happy to see me. Especially not Noelle.
This Christmas, I may come back to save my family's farm, but I'm not leaving without making Noelle my bride. She might think we're ancient history, but I'm going to show her all we need to reignite our love is a little magic under the mistletoe.

My Thoughts:

This used to be called Mistletoe Magic but has undergone a name change and rebranding. This was a quick and easy read as part of last years Christmas collaboration with the Flirt Club.
Langley is taking a break from touring the country with his band and has come home to help his ill father and they failing business. It’s just a bonus that he runs into the love of his life Noelle while he’s there. Can they rekindle their lost love or is it a hopeless case?
I did feel as if the acceptance of everything on Noelle’s part was very rushed. Although I do accept that this is a short story and didn’t have long to explore their feelings too much. She just seemed overly happy with the situation; there needed to be at least a little anger.
I liked the tie in with ‘Whiskey Sour’ that I read and enjoyed not that long ago. I do like it when characters from other books pop up later on.
Overall, it was a pleasant and Christmassy read. I was a little disappointed with the cliche ending. It was going to be five stars, but then we had the typical, no imagination ending, so I have knocked a star off for that. There are so many other possible endings for these type of books, yet the authors go for the easy one. I’m getting fed up of reading the same outcome, so I am being harsh with my stars because of that!

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Magic and Mistletoe
by Kim Lorraine
Date Started
28th November 2019
Date Finished
29th November 2019
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