Never Coming Back - Tim Weaver

Reading Challenge Category: Fourth book in a series that I wanted to go back and start

Official Blurb:

When Emily Kane arrives at her sister's house she finds the front door unlocked with no one inside.
Dinner is still cooking and the TV is on.
Carrie, her husband and their two daughters are gone.
At the heart of their disappearance lies a dark secret . . .
And when the police draw a blank, it becomes clear someone doesn't want the family found.
Will Emily find them, or will she become the next victim?

My Thoughts:

Never Coming Back, the latest instalment in Tim Weaver's David Raker series, unfortunately, falls short of the high standards set by its predecessors. As an avid fan of the series, I was eager to dive into this book, but it left me feeling somewhat unsatisfied. While it had its moments, the overall experience felt sluggish and melancholic, lacking the gripping pace and intensity that initially drew me in.
One of my main grievances lies in the handling of the previous book's cliffhanger. Book three had left readers on tenterhooks, desperately awaiting the reveal of what truly transpired. Regrettably, the resolution of this crucial plot point was disappointingly anticlimactic. Rather than capitalising on the suspense built up, the revelation was nonchalantly brushed aside, leaving me feeling let down and longing for the narrative depth that had enthralled me in earlier instalments.
The story gradually gains momentum once Raker delves into the investigation at hand. However, even as the plot thickens, it becomes increasingly clear that the events unfolding are rather far-fetched. The author's attempts to keep readers on their toes and engaged end up stretching the bounds of plausibility, making it difficult to fully invest in the story's developments.
Moreover, the incorporation of Las Vegas as a backdrop felt forced and unnecessary. It seemed as though Weaver simply included this element to provide an excuse to conduct "research" in the glamorous city. In truth, the location itself held little significance to the plot, as the events could have unfolded in any other city without altering the overall narrative. This contrived aspect left me questioning the author's motivations and left me feeling detached from the setting itself.
Despite its flaws, the book does have redeeming qualities. Once the investigation gains momentum, the story becomes more engaging, and Raker's determination to uncover the truth shines through. Weaver's ability to craft a well-structured mystery remains evident, even if it falls short of his previous achievements. Fans of the series may still find enjoyment in following Raker's unwavering pursuit of justice.
So, I have decided to leave it a while before continuing with the rest of the series as I started to feel a little bogged down by the prospect of starting book five just yet.

Never Coming Back
by Tim
Date Started
Date Finished
1st June 2023
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