My Sweet Cupcake - Dana Grace

Reading Challenge Category: First book in a series

Official Blurb:

He thinks she’s the one. But she thinks he’s marrying someone else.
Ashley Curtis has only fallen in love twice. Once with baking super sweet treats in her Baxter Valley baker. The other with Graham Connolly. The incredibly delectable man she has swooned over since high school.
But she has never had the courage to tell him.
And now Graham is in her bakery, no less. He’s still gorgeous, and he’s here for a tasting.
Ashley would love to give him a sample of everything she’s got. But before she can, it’s revealed he’s not there to try out her cake. He’s here for a wedding cake.
If Graham is planning his wedding, why is he flirting with Ashley?
While she knocks back his advances, she can’t help but want him just as badly as she always has.
No one said true love would be a cake walk. But will Ashley learn the truth about Graham before it’s too late?
In this sweet tale of second chance love desires run high, misunderstandings abound and sugary treats are always the best way to a man’s heart. Or his bed.

My Thoughts:

I said I wasn’t going to read the first in this series, but I just couldn’t help myself! Plus, it was only £0.77 on Amazon; bargain!
It was hard going into this knowing Ashley and Graham’s ending (as I’ve read book two in the series), but I suppose it did take the pressure off, and I could just sit back, relax and enjoy the story.
And what a lovely story it was. The characters are just so sweet and loveable; you immediately take to them. Even though Graham is initially portrayed as a rogue, he’s a loveable one.
For such a short story, there are plenty of ups and downs, backstories and swoon moments. I completely fell for this couple. You could feel the frustration, heat and desire jumping off the pages, and I was so happy that they would get their happy ever after.
Just like the second book, there are two epilogues; however, the second one here didn’t feel as disjointed as it did in book two. I felt like I needed their complete happily ever after even though I knew the intermediary from the book’s follow-on.
I can see plenty of more characters getting their own books, so I will revise my original statement and say I am looking forward to getting to know them all now.

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My Sweet Cupcake
by Dana Grace
Date Started
3rd March 2021
Date Finished
3rd March 2021
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